Space Opera, Witchy Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mechs, and More

Terry’s stories take you places that are real– and places that we wish were real. You’ll find a friendly witch (along with her judgmental cat) whose magic protects a small town, a future world of angels traveling through time, and the ghosts of undead who cry out for justice. You’ll find vampires, shamans, and sacred spells, and in-between, coffee and breakfast, because a witch can’t fight on an empty stomach. After years of reading about space, Terry writes in his own universe, where alien races battle for supremacy in a war that stretches back into the depths of time.
The Messenger: Dash, to his friends, is noble, relentless, and gifted with the weapons of war. With his mech and a fleet of ships, he brings the fight to the enemy in a ten-book series that spans the length of the galaxy.
In 2020 and beyond, Terry and his writing partner J.N.Chaney, will introduce a new kind of alien invasion in Starcaster–one that uses magic where missiles once fell.

But, for now, look up to the stars. It’s a big place, and it’s full of stories. You wouldn’t want to miss it.

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