Time Travel Edition: Michigan

I went back to Frankenmuth.

Michigan, that is.

This was my second year at Once Upon a Book, sponsored by the Stacey Rourke. She’s small, dynamic, and utterly committed to the book community. Note to young writers: she’s the kind of person to follow and learn from. This is how you grow. This is how you engage, link up, join a tribe, and become an author instead of just a writer. Your books will thank you for it, trust me. Between “writing” and “author” is a world of experience.

There’s a difference.

My book Heartborn won for best cover. My thanks go to Staci Hart, who answered my panicked call for art with a stunning realization of my idea. Young writers, again take note: work with great people. Get to win awards. Get to dress up as “Mandusa” and accept the awards. Eat cake. Have fun. All side effects of being in a great book community.

SO, now that you’re done laughing at my legs, let’s discuss the remainder of 2018. (That’s super-reader Tina. She’s delightful).

I have five more events, across much of the country. It’s going to be busy. South Dakota. New Orleans. Wisconsin. South Carolina. I can’t wait. I hope to see you at some of the events– if you’re close by, say hello!

Halfway Unwrapped is on schedule for October.

Halfway Holiday is on schedule for Christmas!

AND. . .a secret project is about to publish, under my new pen name. Once it’s out, I’ll share it with you. I want this one to be a surprise. Totally new direction, and with a writing partner who’s fantastic.

That’s all for now. Cheers friends!


P.S.– authors, join my YouTube channel here:Five Minute Author Coach

P.P.S.– don’t forget to join me on Wednesday nights at 8:30CST for Facebook Live. We give away signed books by friends, candles, swag, etc. Stop by!

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