The Voice of the Dragon: Audiobook News

Banshee is coming.

Rather dramatic, eh? Thanks. I spent hours crafting that announcement.

But seriously. Banshee, the dragon, is getting closer. Before I tell you the news about what’s coming, I’d like to mention some great news from 2014: The Forest Bull made the Audiobook Review’s Top Ten list. Audiobook Reviewer: Top Ten of 2014

Let’s face it, I got lucky when Rebecca Cook allowed me to shmooze her into voicing my books. That moment of weakness on her part has paid off, and the proof, as they say, is on the internet. Or pudding. The next series promises to be stellar as well, and I’m thrilled to announce that Banshee, my dragon, has a voice– and what a voice.

Henry McNulty is a trained stage actor and musician from Washington State, the same area that provided me with the talents of Rebecca Cook. That begs the question: just what’s in the water out there? Amazing talents, and I’m lucky to have them.

Banshee is a story of the last war we’ll ever fight. Hell is real, mankind is in retreat, and dragons have risen to fight by our side against creatures boiling forth from the darkness. It’s violent, desperate, and beautiful, and I love every detail about it. Here’s the first promo teaser:

If that doesn’t make you want to join the fight, well, I’ll repeat it a hundred times until you do.
Moving on.
So, about Henry. He’s brilliant. Take listen to this two minute preview of what’s on the way. Our heroine Saavin and her dragon are on patrol in the high Texas desert, and the world we know is long gone.
Saavin and Banshee: Patrols

For those of you keeping score at home, I’m thrilled.
Banshee is already expanding to a trilogy and beyond; the world of dragons, demons and war is too interesting not to explore.

So, after listening, what do you think? 

Until next time, cheers, Happy New Year, and go pick up a few of me books for winter reading, won’t you?


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