Something In Your Mouth: Tales of Sex and Horror

Sex. Discomfort.

In five stories and one poem, you’ll find questions– and answers, and you might learn something about yourself along the way. Something uncomfortable. Something dark.

What if eternal life really can be found in the Church, but not in the way you’ve been taught, and not without some. . . changes. . .to your body?

If you’re lonely, and the world is ending, does it really matter if your lover is actually alive, as long as they love you in return?

When you’re a doctor without morals, medical experiments are a way of life. But what if your subjects need entertainment? Why not. . .a special pet?

If your love life needs help, make sure you don’t ask a god, because they can give you exactly what you want– or at least, what you think you want.

Sometimes, bad people can do good things, and might even end up being a hero. Unfortunately, it might cost you a few toes. And your life. And the entire world. But for a beautiful woman, isn’t it worth it?

And when seeking a legendary beast in the Congolese jungle, make sure to wear good boots. You never know when you might have to run.

Come on in, and join us. Lean back, open up, and let us take a look at that tickle. We’re sure it’s nothing serious.

Just. . . something in your mouth.

I saw a statement that implied by reading the collection Something in your Mouth: Tales of Sex and Horror the reader would learn something about themselves. Actually, I learned more about the author from reading the book. . Terry has a very wide range as a writer. These stories are a combination of horror and very dark urban fantasy. His Halfway series radiates sunshine compared to these tales. Terry’s Mecha series is a fry cry from these tales. They remind me of his Endless series a little but they are also different. I hope the author continues to exploit his range as a writer and produces entertaining stories and novels in vastly different settings. The stories did make me think, as any good fiction does.

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