Worlds Apart: A Space Opera Epic

Deep below the waters of a world covered in ice,

Along with it, a new threat that brings the war ever closer.

In order to stop it, the Messenger and his team must confront a familiar enemy in a new place, but now the stakes are higher, and the battle’s results will echo across the galaxy for ages to come.

To cap it all off, ships are being stolen from unSpace with no explanation as to why.

The Messenger has his work cut out for him, here in this dangerous new galaxy.

But that’s exactly the way he likes it.

Yup! I really enjoy this series. Yes, it is good versus bad, but well scripted and thought out. Strong characters and their struggles to defend humanity, Be it humans gone sour or aliens determined to wipe out humanity. Of course out heroes are the underdog both in strength and equipment/technology. But our heroes are driven and adaptable!

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I’m really enjoying this series. The authors have found a newish type of sci-fi genre, blending a couple of genres together and making something really great. I only wish I didn’t read so fast. I downloaded Book 6 this afternoon and just finished it. Can’t wait for Book 7 next month.

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