The Silent Fleet: A Space Opera Epic

As Dash and his team begin expanding the Forge, they must focus on as the one thing that can give them an advantage in the coming war.

Using drones and a map from an ancient library, Dash and Leira must seek out the source of a transmission coming from far away.

That source, however, is something far more valuable than they could have hoped: a fleet of ancient Unseen ships, waiting to be salvaged.

With the Golden forces closing in, Dash will need to enlist more help as he prepares to engage the enemy.

He must choose his next battleground, all while the Forge works to arm his team with new weapons that could turn the tide once and for all.

Just love this series! All of my reading addictions in one place, lost civilizations, adventure, alien tech, gundam battle bots, snarky AI’s, maybe not snarky, and did I say lost civilization’s. All in all another great addition to the series.

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This series is an excellent military/space opera SciFi adventure. It is a short story styled writting. With a new book releasing every other month. So there is no year long waiting period between each new edition. The books are fairly short. I read them in about 8 hours each. They are full of believable action and highly possible and theoretical technologies. There is the ever present “guy saves the girl then girl saves the guy” and did I mention Mechs? Yes! Power Armor, mechanized, humanoid shaped, space faring, AI assisted,man powered tanks of chaos and destruction!!! Good stuff!

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