The Messenger: A Space Opera Epic

Dash never asked to be a mech pilot,

On the run and out of chances, he guides his ship and crew into the heart of a relic older than the galaxy itself—and find himself on the edge of an eternal war he never knew existed.

The relic is a mech, lost to history and forgotten by all who remain. Built by an ancient race to be the ultimate weapon, the machine is capable of unspeakable destruction, and its discovery could unhinge the balance of power throughout known space.

Worse still, the A.I. inside the machine speaks of an ancient evil that will soon arrive–a race whose power far exceeds anything humanity has ever witnessed.

Only the Messenger can stand against them, the A.I. tells its new pilot. Only you can do what must be done.

Another riveting journey to another time, another space – one that will have you thinking about our existence no matter what you are doing. And it’s just beginning!!

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Each of these authors is incredible on their own, but when they team up they take it to the next level! This book is the perfect balance of creativity and classic sci-fi. It’s unique from all their other books and series, which is quite a feat, and instantly draws the reader in with a great cast of characters and intriguing plot line. It’s not a romance, not overly technical, it’s just pure, unadulterated awesomeness. I can’t wait to see what else this duo creates for us.

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Jennifer L.

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