The Dark Between: A Space Opera Epic

The Messenger must

With the Archetype damaged, Dash and his crew will need more than a quick fix to prepare for what’s coming.

A secret facility known only as the Forge lies in cold sleep, built by the Unseen for the greatest war in history. Dash has no idea what awaits him there, but he hopes to find some kind of advantage in the war that is to come.

Meanwhile, on a distant world, an ancient order of monks protects a long buried secret. They have guarded it for centuries, all in the hope that someday the Messenger might come and relieve them of their task.

Dash has answered that call…and he will not be denied.

This captures you from chapter one till the end! Can’t wait for the next installment of this series. Would love to get this into Jon Favreau’s hands and see what Disney and he could do with this. Just a great read.

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Very engaging sci/fi read.. I quite enjoy the humor of Dash’s crew and his AI.. It would be fun to see if the Forge starts creating Mechs for his crew and a really updated and powerful Slipwing! Jolly good job.

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