The Black Gate: A Space Opera Epic

The Cygnus Realm

Now, spreading among the new worlds of the Unseen gates, Dash and his people are building new lives, free of war and destruction.

Until one of the former Unseen planets shifts in orbit—a small thing, but worth looking into.

Close to this erratic world, something incredible opens, revealing a connection to stars so distant that they have no name on the Cygnus charts.

The Black Gate pulses in and out of existence, and when a massive pair of alien warheads comes through and destroys an entire orbital facility, Dash is left with no choice but to pick up the mantle of Messenger and fight once more.

He must go through the gate, find out who is responsible, and eliminate the threat at any cost.

But this is beyond anything he and his people have faced before… and it will take everything they have to stand against it.

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