Furious Gulf: A Space Opera Epic

This war continues

Far out in the black, Dash and new captain Lomas encounter the next lethal version of Deeper technology. Huge, armored beings are attacking inward, wrecking humanity in each shattering conflict. The Battle Princes are more than robots, and less than human, and beyond their fearsome ability, they carry a secret that could change the nature of human warfare forever.

In pursuit of a would-be tyrant, Adan Kitzbuell, the Realm will fight beyond the known stars, into territory that demands new tactics. New weapons.

And upgrades to the very machines that carry humanity into battle. Mechs. But victory comes with a cost, and each successive fight leads Dash and Leira farther into a place that is neither known or unknown- a place between stars and galaxies, a place in need of peace, and power.

Here, in the darkness beyond stars, Dash will fight to unlock the true secrets of Dark Metal, all while waging a running war against beings who have one mind, and one purpose—the end of humanity. Forever.

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