Dawn of Empire: A Space Opera Epic

The Messeneger and his people continue their long fight against the Golden,

When they discover reports of a missing colony ship, their search will uncover a crime so terrible that the battle lines will be drawn in blood.

Following clues across the stars, Dash will bring the forces of his new navy to a cause that will only end in one of two ways:

Total victory…or complete destruction.

There’s only room for one winner in this ever-expanding galaxy.

And Dash aims for it to be him.

More fantastic adventures for the Messenger as he and his team being forces together and pursue the Golden in this galactic adventure. A very good read and an excellent series!

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First of all, regardless of how good the story is, I have to comment on how well edited this whole series is. Believe me, that is extremely important to me because a poorly edited book is a chore to read. Chaney, whoever your editor is, give ‘em a raise. Now the book. I’ve read the whole series so far and have enjoyed every single book. The only downside is that they have a tendency to drag. That, and the length of time between releases. Invariably I have to go back and read the last one to keep up to date with what’s going on. But hey, that’s all I can complain about. Great series, great writing, and particularly great editing.

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