Starcaster: A Space Fantasy Epic

Magic. Steel. Victory.

The Earth’s navy is left drifting among the stars as Nyctus ships swarm, their purpose unknown as they continue their advance, burning one system after another.

Humanity’s extinction seems inevitable.
But on one of the forgotten worlds, a boy is left behind, and he holds a talent unlike anything the galaxy has ever known.

Thorn Stellers is a mage, made to lead and fight. With a renegade division of warriors at his side, and with weapons far different from those of old Earth, Thorn stands a chance at standing up to humanity’s enemies. For these mage-soldiers, armed with power that had once been thought the stuff of legend, the outcome is no longer certain.

Each Starcaster has a talent—except for Thorn, who has many. With his childhood companion Kira Wixcombe, he’ll confront a threat from beyond the stars, meeting them in the darkness with a light born of magic… and a lust for revenge.

Is his power enough? Or is Earth a forgotten memory, lost forever to history?

We already know that Chaney and Maggert are the hottest sci-fi writing duo right now and this book showcases exactly why they deserve that title.
They’ve created a fantastic plot, plenty of action, a little romance, and fully filled out characters with quirks and personalities that make them endearing and memorable. This new series is bound to be a wild and fun ride, so jump aboard now and enjoy.

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Jennifer L.

Amazon Reviewer

This was Extremely good! Unique use of magic in space, love the flawed-to-matured characters and twists on “inter-dimensionality” of his magic, it’s as multidimensional as space itself, maybe more….gritty in the sudden loses of loved characters but also very realistic for battle, most plans and people do not survive first contact.

The idea he could immediately gift his powers to others also very unique and the gorilla style fighting excellent choice, both thrilling and clever. Edge of the seat reading, totally renewed my perspective of ” magic” in books I absolutely loved this.

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Leo Roars

Amazon Reviewer

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