Cry Victory: A Space Fantasy Epic

Thorn Stellers and his daughter are a problem,

With their power taking shape in directions like no one has ever seen, the Orbital Navy is faced with an unwelcome reality—

The Starcasters are beyond control.

Kira and Damien are assigned diplomatic roles in the growing sphere of galactic relations, leading them to a stunning discovery—humans are not alone in their fight against the Nyctus. Worlds are being destroyed by an unseen foe, with no defense against their attacks. Reaching out to new allies, the Orbital Navy finds a vast network of trading partners who lend technology that makes the navy inito a fierce new weapon, but with this change comes a critical question.

Can the Nyctus be allowed to live?

The question falls to Thorn—and Morgan, who is aging like no other child, mature beyond her years and harboring power that can split the stars. She alone knows the Nyctus and their factions, and their survival might depend on a girl they swore to kill. She might not get the chance to decide, unless the Orbital Navy can find a way to leap ahead of their newest threat, the Bilau.

But Morgan might have the key, found in records on Nebo, under the watchful eye of her guards. A technology that can send human fleets into enemy space at speeds like never before, her discovery will change everything—even the battlefield.

With Thorn, Kira, and Bertilak, the fleet will gamble everything to win, and they’ll do it against an enemy with one sworn mission:

To end humanity, and the Starcasters, and the thing they fear the most in all the known worlds: magic.

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