The Starcaster Series: A Space Fantasy Epic

Starcaster Book 1
#1 Starcaster


The Earth’s navy is left drifting among the stars as Nyctus ships swarm, their purpose unknown as they continue their advance, burning one system after another.

Humanity’s extinction seems inevitable.
But on one of the forgotten worlds, a boy is left behind, and he holds a talent unlike anything the galaxy has ever known.

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Hex Division - Starcaster Book 2
#2 Hex Division

The war is heating up.

Fresh off their first major victory against the Nyctus, the Orbital Navy is moving forward in confusion. Starcasters, led by Thorn Stellers, are not trusted—magic has not replaced the power of steel and naval might, and humanity is at a crossroads.

As Thorn and Kira define their roles in the new navy, magic refuses to stay still. When Thorn discovers he has untapped power, Mol Wyant helps him use it.

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Starcaster Series: Crimson Sun
#3 Crimson Sun

The Nyctus don’t like losing, and they’ll go to any lengths to turn the tides of war.

When the idyllic planet Nebo is scorched into oblivion, it’s obvious that the Nyctus are moving massive fleets into human space again, and their intention is clear: even if they lose their ships, they will render planets into ash.

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Witch Nebula
#4 Witch Nebula

On a sunny green world, a little girl watches as meteors fall, bringing death and fire from above.

She isn’t alone. Thorn Stellers is there, watching, unsure of his connection and what he can do to save the child from a fate like his parents, all those years ago.

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Savage Tide
#5 Savage Tide

During a standard patrol, Thorn finds the scarred remains of a planet that has been reshaped by an unknown race.

Massive machines were used to alter the landscape, and the only thing missing from the site is magic.

Whoever is changing the galaxy, it isn’t the Nyctus.

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Cry Victory
#6 Cry Victory

Thorn Stellers and his daughter are a problem, and not just for the Nyctus. With their power taking shape in directions like no one has ever seen, the Orbital Navy is faced with an unwelcome reality—

The Starcasters are beyond control.

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