Halfway Unwrapped: A Magical Realism

Some things won’t stay

Something stinks in Halfway, and it isn’t a rotting pumpkin.

As Halloween grows closer, monsters begin emerging from the ground. Their beastly purpose is unknown to Carlie, but not to a group of tourists who have come to Halfway for the holiday. The visiting women look innocent, but bad things are happening wherever they go and their trail leads back to the one place that Carlie never wanted to see again.

From the depths of a toxic spring danger will break free again, and this time, there’s more than just the town of Halfway at stake. For Carlie, Gran and Wulfric, the most important event in the history of their lives is just around the corner, but they don’t know it yet, and neither do the strangers who would tear Halfway apart in the name of black magic.

Some things won’t stay buried, but with her charms and a shovel, Carlie will bury the past once and for all.

I love Maggert’s writing style, every single character has their own funny quirks and the dialogue is always hilarious – I just want mooooooore.


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Halfway Books are my Mini Vacation

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You can’t go wrong by reading this series, especially if you love witches and everything that goes bump in the night.


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Mr. Maggert is a a true wordsmith which brings his books to life. His characters are people we all wish we had in our lives, plus they have ESS (extra-special-something) and make me wish for a home in Halfway.

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