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Today is the big day. Heartborn is here.

Her guardian angel was pushed. Get it here: Heartborn

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Your prize awaits. 

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Halfway Bitten: Release Day!

It’s here. Halfway Bitten is available for Kindle, and priced at .99 for the new release. It’s the best novel I’ve written and I think you’ll love Carlie, and Wulfric, and Gran– and all of it.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect:

The circus came to Halfway, and they brought the weird.
When clowns, vampires, and corpses start piling up in town, Carlie has to break away from her boyfriend, Wulfric, to bring her witchy skills to the table- or grill, as the case may be.
When the body of a young woman washes up in the lake, it unleashes a spiral of mystery that will bring Carlie, Gran, and Wulfric into a storm of magical warfare. Spells will fly. Curses will rain. Amidst it all, Carlie will make waffles, protect her town, and find out if a man from the distant past can join her in happy ever after.
With love and honor at stake, Carlie has no peer.
Click here for your copy, or to give to any fan of the paranormal, fantasy, or thrillers:
Be sure to tell me your thoughts about Carlie and her world; I love hearing from readers.

Cheers for now, and happy reading!


Halfway Sexy: Writing An Assertive Love Scene

Carlie McEwan is smart, tough, principled, and. . . young. She’s in her early twenties, so life is still unfolding for her like a series of doors that unlock as she grows.

Her lover is not young. In fact, Wulfric is more than a thousand years old, but he’s emotionally young in the sense that he’s been alone. Cut off from the world, and his own self. 

I have to ask myself how they come together. How do I show Carlie’s desire meshing with Wulfric’s need of her?

Here’s a sample from the next volume in the Halfway series. Tell me what you think.

“Hey.” Wulfric’s voice was warm in my ear, and I started lightly and turned to him in one smooth motion. His dark eyes regarded me with unbridled joy and I saw he’d tied his long blonde hair into a rough plait. The kiss of sun was on his golden colored skin, and a glowing face told me of the days ranging far across his lands.
 I forgot such details at our first touch.
 He swept me up in his arms and kissed me, long and deep, his lips cool at first but warming to the task. I wrapped myself around him like ivy, inhaling the woodsy scent of his clothes and that indefinable spice of his skin. He felt like home, and for the first time I started thinking that I didn’t really like him living in a cabin. In the woods. Far away. Yeah, the more I thought about it, the less I liked it.
            “Missed you,” I said into his chest. I had, but it melted away like a bad dream. I found a hidden reserve of strength and leaped onto him, wrapping my legs around his narrow hips.
            “You look tired, babe.” He held me upright with one powerful arm, the other hand stroking hair from my eyes. I knew I looked like roadkill, but his gaze flipped a switch in me from which there was no going back.
            “Take me upstairs.” My voice was rough with promise and need. He nodded, kissed me again, and began walking with me held to him so tightly I couldn’t tell where his mouth began and mine ended. I was ragged, dizzy with lust, and hollow from using so much power. I didn’t need him, I craved him.
            He lowered me to my bed with a delicacy I wouldn’t think such a big man could manage, his eyes simmering with a want so visceral I felt the hair rise on my arms. I smiled lazily as my eyes roamed over him, then I pulled him to me so I could get lost in his delicious tangle. The sheets flapped in protest as we slid beneath, our hands busy and mouths busier.

            He was wrong. I wasn’t tired. At least, not until he was, too.

What do you think? 


It’s a vampire. It’s a viking. It’s Wulfric.

In the new series, Carlie McEwan is a witch. She will have a romantic interest.

He is a vampire AND a viking. My logic is a as follows:

Vikings are cool; so cool that I married a Norwegian.

Vampires are cool; so cool that I married a Norwegian, who shares the same skin tones.

I think it makes for an unusual romance. Can you imagine the arguments?

“Well, if you hadn’t sacked the city, we wouldn’t have to drive so far to find decent Chinese food!”

I think you’ll love this series.


It’s Not You. It’s Me.

It appears I miscalculated.

I was originally under the impression that I’d written a Paranormal/Urban Fantasy series. It seems I am mistaken. After nearly one-hundred-fifty reviews, the consensus is as follows:

1) It’s fantasy. It just happens to be in a civilized area, free of roaming dragons and orcs. Sort of like a suburb, but with vampires. Oh, and succubi.

2) I can channel the female mind when writing my characters. To every ex-girlfriend who said I wasn’t listening, nyahhh nyahhh

3) I’m appearing at more Sci-Fi/Fantasy events in 2015, and less general fiction events. I need to connect with the people who I huddled with at the lunch table in middle school. My tribe. My herd. My nerd herd.

4) Writers are supposedly the product of a vivid, often tormented existence. For your consideration, I present the following and ask you, does this look like a face that knew torment? With that hair? No. Now hand me my hair gel and give me some room to grow.

5) Now that you’ve recovered form your laughter, allow me to tell you about what’s new with my books. There’s a new boxed set available, and two new books coming soon. Book five of The Fearless will be available in March, but before that, my new series starts. Do you like dragons? Do you hate civilization? Well, I have the book for you. Banshee is the first novel in my post-apocalyptic dragon series. Check out the first teaser:

6) Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Yule, and may your new year be bright and warm. Thanks for visiting throughout the year, and we’ll start the Outlander blog as soon as the next episode is onscreen. I’m like many of you ( I think) in that casting Bree and Roger is a major concern of mine. We shall see!
Thanks for spreading the word about my series, and I look forward to our next time together.


Terry’s Books

The New Series, Book Four, Book Five, and Advance Copies for Review: Much News.

Updates, updates, and an update about updates.

Issue one: Book four of The Fearless is in final editing. The cover is stunning, we’re organizing beta readers and promotions, and it’s the best book in the series. The characters get better with each outing, and I think you’re going to love the newest additions to our little club. Two words: Stripper Assassin.

Issue two: The second series has a (top secret) name, preliminary cover art concepts, and more. It is my feeling– not scientific, but a hunch– that we’re looking at January for the new series. More on that as it develops. It’s entirely possible it could be sooner.

Issue three: The Fearless, book five. Yep, it’s already underway. I mapped out the book in one afternoon ( while eating some excellent sushi and perusing old travel pics). I’ve got good guys, bad guys, a title, and a twist. I already love the villain(s). There are two!

Issue four: Advance Review Copies of Book Four. Who wants ’em? If you’re interested in being a street team/reviewer, let me know. We’re moving very quickly, and hope to assemble an entire list of ARC gifts to be sent in less than a week.



Layers of Vision. The Making of a Cover.

My artist Amalia Chitulescu works with me as if she’s psychic. She understands the mood and tone I want for my covers, and the results– if I may say so– are spectacular.
When I was sending her notes about the direction for the cover of The Forest Bull, she immediately keyed on what I was attempting to describe.
We began with the forest primeval. Simple enough, but the quality of the first image is stellar.

So the mood is set. It’s deep, ancient, and a touch threatening, just as it should be. Then, we needed a model who was elegant, thin, but in motion. She had to possess the quality of beauty that was both threatening and disdainful.

That, as the story goes, is Elizabeth. We had to remove some of the accessibility and warmth. Fair enough. By using blues and cool tones, we end up with a mystery and a woman who is at the very heart of it all.

 And with that, the danger and unknown come to life. The Aurochs walks behind Elizabeth, regal in his domain, but we can tell there is much more to the story.

And much more to Elizabeth.

Interview: The Succubus Delphine

Interviewing the Succubus: Delphine Style


*As interviewed by local reporter J. Burton (His questions are in regular type)
Miss Delphine, thank you for speaking with us today.
   It’s my pleasure. I appreciate your asking in such a proper fashion. Manners are so scarce.
 Thank you, as well. And the cake is a nice surprise. The wine, too.
(Laughs) Well, if one cannot bring baked goods or wine, then a smile will have to do. I bring all three.
According to your—er, boyfriend, Ring Hardigan—
–He’s not my boyfriend.
He’s not? But you are in a relationship?
Yes. But as I am older than Jesus Christ, I find the notion of a boyfriend to be rather childish. We’re two adults in a—well, it is complex, but relationship will have to do for now.
You are. . . more than two thousand years old?
(Frowns). Two thousand, three hundred and forty or so, but it’ rather rude to ask a lady her age or weight.
My apologies. You were saying?
Ring and I are connected, yes, and to clarify, I am immortal, and Ring hunts immortals. His partners, Risa and Waleska, assist him in this pursuit. He is—pardon me, they are—I must give credit where it’s due—quite skilled at removing Undying from the earth. The three partners are utterly without fear, capable of holding a grudge that makes me seem mild in comparison, and oddly compassionate. I confess, they frighten me somewhat, even though I am rather skilled in my own right.
Skilled as an immortal?
Could you elaborate?
I prefer not to, unless you’ve a need for a demonstration?
Ummm. Would this demonstration hurt?
(Laughs) Sweetheart, nothing I do to man hurts. Unless he wants it to.
Well, let’s just continue with the interview for now, please.
Very well. But I haven’t had. . . lunch, yet. If you’d care to get better acquainted. I do enjoy a man with a thirst for knowledge.
So, Miss Delphine, could you describe your career to us?
Certainly. Where to begin? I was born nearly twenty-four hundred years ago off the coast of Scotland. After raiders put my home to the torch, I was saved—cursed, really, by a woman who aspired to be the queen of Hell. After centuries of strife and wandering, I finally settled in New Orleans, some two centuries ago.
The Queen of Hell?
Yes, Elizabeth really did think highly of herself.
Elizabeth? And where is she now?
(Laughs). Honey, Ring Hardigan sent her to meet her maker. It did not go well for her, I might add.
He killed her?
In a sense, yes. He’s killed dozens of immortals. As I said, he’s very good at it.
And yet he has not killed you? Why, may I ask?
(Pause) Because I am reborn. I have begun the long path to make amends for my sins. And I am very, very good in bed.
(Laughs) But aren’t you a succubus who kills men for money? Wouldn’t he die from— being with you?
Oh, child. Ring, and Waleska and Risa? They’re becoming immortals as well. And Ring knows that every erotic moment with me only makes him stronger, and more capable of killing that which he is changing into. Plus, let us not forget that I have never killed men for money.
You haven’t?
No, sweetheart. (Laughs) I only kill for the kisses.