LibertyCon: What I’ll Be Doing

I’m attending LibertyCon in the beautiful city of Chattanooga, TN this week. Here’s a link to the overall site:

There will be several writers present whose books are don’t miss events on the day of release.

My schedule is as follows, in case you’re in the neighborhood or are attending:

Scheduled Programming Events Featuring Terry Maggert

Day Time Name of Event
Fri 03:00PM Reading: Terry Maggert & Robert Waters

Fri 04:00PM What’s new in Space Opera?

Fri 05:00PM Opening Ceremonies

Fri 07:00PM Autograph Session  (Cordova, Lamplighter, Maggert, C Sanderson)

Fri 10:00PM Author’s Alley  (Holo, Maggert, Spriggs)

Sat 10:00AM Autograph Session  (Fults, Leacock, Maggert, J Young)

Sat 01:00PM What’s new in Horror

Sat 09:00PM Author’s Alley  (B Brooks, Maggert, Mandragora)

Sun 10:00AM Kaffeeklatsch

Sun 01:00PM Author’s Alley  (Maggert, Spriggs, Wandrey)

Sun 02:00PM Urban Fantasies: What Cities Make the Best Backdrop for Imagination and Why?

It’s going to be a fantastic weekend for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Speculative Fiction. I can’t wait to discuss what’s new, what we’re reading, and what readers want.

Looking froward to it. Maybe I’ll see you there!


Tennessee Valley Author Event: A Good Time Was Had By All

Seriously. What an event.

I was able to enjoy several hours with people who love books as much as I. There were a thousand fans crowded into the venue, and the authors didn’t fail to bring their very best. I made new friends:

This is Lorie. She hugged one of the male models (not me) and then smelled her shirt, declaring it to “smell like him“. It wasn’t as creepy as it reads. Honest. She was delightful.

Her friend Cindy was my first-ever assistant. She was amazing. Cindy made certain that my table was a well-run affair, leaving me to talk books, take a few pictures with fans, and pass out chocolate fortune cookies. People like Cindy– who have an innate love of books– are solid gold.

This is Cindy. She takes book events seriously enough that they merit a dress. She has a sunny disposition and she too enjoys nearly all kinds of baked goods. We became instant friends. To reiterate for those of you who have not met me: pie is our friend.

This was my author table, which, according to Cindy, “Looked way more organized than she expected, given that I’m a dude.” I appreciate that kind of compliment.

So there you have it. A rousing success. Some new friends. Lots of books, and I managed to write 2200 words while staying in Knoxville. Until next time, friends.

The Haircut of Shame:Tennessee Valley Author Event Version

I committed too soon.

To my haircut, that is. I received an excellent haircut two weeks ago– too early for the Tennessee Valley Author Event this weekend, but not quite late enough to merit a full re-do.

As a man who likes to keep his follicle business in order, I found myself waiting for a trim at a local chain. I’d waited my turn, about fifteen minutes (very reasonable), but decided that I would go rogue and let my hair run wild and free this weekend.
Unfortunately, my wishes were steamrolled by karma. The young woman who cheerfully called my name was professional, attractive, and enormously pregnant. Thus, were I to call off my incipient hair adjustment, I would be denying both her and the baby a small but appreciable amount of income.

She gave me an excellent trim, loved books, and was an all around delight. Let it be known that for me, shame is a powerful motivator, and can even overcome my natural rigidity regarding carefully scheduled Hair Events.