Plodding and Plotting

A quick note about books four and five in “The Fearless”, as well as an upcoming blog post.

I started running three months ago, and in between gasping like a dying fish, I’ve had some of my most vivid insight into how and where I am writing over the next year. It’s been a superb exercise for mind, and I think you’re going to like where we head next.

A couple of “just for fun” posts: Next week, a short story about why Great Danes actually love ice cream, and I am sharing a scene from the next book in which we see how and why Wally defines love. It’s my favorite experience for Wally, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I savor writing her bittersweet moments.

Until next week, cheers, and be sure to check out the great new review we’re getting on for the audio versions. Rebecca Cook, my actress, is nothing short of stellar! 



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