I Dun Ben Kilted: Laoghaire Must Die!!!! Edition

What A Smug, Conniving, Deceitful–

But first, a word about the dining habits of of the Highlander Lickalotopus.

I’d like to make a casual observation here, as one man to a few friends. If I kept my head under the covers as much as JAMMF, I’d never get a suntan. Claire fell through time and landing on a giant Scottish tongue. 

Then she got up, and jumped on it again. Go Claire!

This was a compressed episode– they did a hard job and squeezed a lot into a tight space.

The Duke of Sandringham is a loathsome, foppish, predatory boy chaser, and yet, it’s difficult not to like him. The performance by Simon Callow is lush, cheerful, and a high point. He’s fantastic. 
The episode is interrupted by a the kind of grief-induced meltdown I expect from a Real Housewife of Inverness, but instead we get treated to Dougal absolutely losing his shit. 

More importantly, he’s doing it with a sword in hand while trying to trash Castle Leoch like a hotel room during Spring Break. Claire, potion in hand, comes to the rescue. She doses him with enough hooch to drop a rhinoceros, leaving him completely at their mercy.

OH–right, back to Laoghaire.

THAT BITCH. Claire delivered the Ill-Wish to Laoghaire with a clear warning, delivered in a simple manner that a horny teen can understand: AKA Pimp Slap. Then, in true British fashion, she offers an apology while plotting to invade Laoghaire’s country and make her people eat shitty food and drink tea.

It could have been worse. Claire could make her eat a mouthful of some British dessert, like spotted dick.

There’s a great deal of political– not really intrigue, but more like an inevitable beginning of the end for the clan leadership. The catalyst for this is of course the Duke’s duel. Let the lesson here be: do not tempt JAMMF with violence. He likes it, there are swords, and three froggy Scottish lads take turns getting stabbed and/or kicked in the balls. Jamie gets clipped, which makes his upcoming ride to take Dougal’s crazy ass home into a rather painful affair. So, from the Scottish temper comes Claire being left alone, enemies circling like sharks in the water.

So, Claire gets nabbed with the crazy redhead.
Even if you knew nothing of Outlander, it’s obvious that a shitstorm of epic proportions is on the horizon. This week, we had a murder, a death, a duel, a challenge, a shunning, and the arrest of Claire and Geillis. I’d say that’s about as much as we can take.
So, until next week!


*Spotted dick is a REAL English dessert. Yep.

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