I Dun Been Kilted: Scottish Rave Edition

Good Sunday to All. Or Perhaps Tuesday.

I don’t really understand the International Meridian, but whenever you are, welcome.

Let’s revisit one tiny little issue from last week. As it turns out, Father Bain was supposed to have an assistant priest for his scene, but the producers could not reach terms with the actor they most wanted for the role.

Moving on to this week!
Almost immediately in the episode, we’re treated to a contrasting view (and commentary) on women and how they operate in two different cultures. Claire reveals an organized, methodical cleverness that is focused and sly.

 In a departure from such concepts as “the rule of law” and “don’t commit a felony every day just so your hubby doesn’t smush on you”, we have the confession of Geillis Duncan, who has no compunction using whatever works to achieve her position in life.

THANK GOD Claire is different from the underhanded cunning of–what’s that?

This is an excellent commentary on the end justifying the means, and all that. Two women, two different situations, one solution. Next time you complain about a mean spirited Facebook post directed at you, imagine having dinner at your enemies’ home and being forced to wonder, “Is this the drink that makes me wake up with my pants unbuttoned?”

Claire enacts her plan, which is, all things considered, as solid as can be given her limitations. She isn’t suspicious enough, despite having just left a world that was riven by massive war. We’re also treated to a brief shot of a plush, lovely woman (played by Victoria Taggart) stirring a steaming pot of something. Apparently, this is irresistible to Claire’s shadows, and the byplay that comes next says quite a bit about sexual attitudes in 1743. As in, everybody was doing it. A lot. And they drew straws for the attentions of said plush maiden, and then compared her to pie. Now, if you know anything about me, you know I love pie. I think Scottish pie may be slightly different, and the pie being referenced even more different.

 Finally, in the midst of the intrigue, and the Gathering, and all of the myriad paths of Highlander politics, Jamie takes his shirt off. He tells Claire that the words of his clan are different than that of the MacKenzies. What was the phrase Jamie used? Something French. Hmm. . . .

On to the hunting. What a shift to the reality of a dangerous time.
Another cultural adjustment for Claire? Hunting dinner that can hunt you back. Beautifully filmed, brutal, and hectic. Death is always close to the surface, no matter how beautiful the land and the people. There’s a joke about a superpig, but in the face of the emotion and performance, let’s pass that one by.

There are two more thoughts I’m betting we all had. One is this:

And the second was that moment when you pumped your fist and said:

What an episode. So, as always, thanks for dropping by. Thanks for the fun emails, the mild threats, the lewd pictures, and the coupons. Dear Lord, thank you for the coupons.
Until next week!


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