How To Ruin Outlander: A Primer

Let’s talk about the formula for genius. 

1) It isn’t a formula.

2) Diana Gabaldon’s genius rests in her dialogue.

3) Claire and Jamie’s relationship is deepened through dialogue.

Another bit of uncomfortable math:

There are thousands of good books. There are few great ones. The distinction between good and great can be a whisper. Removing the brilliance of an author to satisfy a creative arrogance is dangerously irresponsible.

While I’m appreciative of Ron Moore’s commitment to Outlander, he is, in my opinion, tempting fate by inserting his own personal experiences into the narrative. In lieu of Jamie and Claire, we’re getting too much Ron and Terry. I also have the suspicion that his well deserved fascination with Tobias Menzies is going to reshape the arc of the books.

The Outlander Series can be one for the ages– If Ron lets Diana be heard in her own universe.

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