. . . . Cover model, that is.

We’re casting the cover model for my next series. She’s young, athletic, the kind of woman who would ride horses. Outdoorsy, redhead, freckles are welcome, and she is tall enough to be seen over the neck of a large dragon. (More on that later.)

We’ve exhausted our usual sources for models, and it is apparent that there is a dearth of lanky redheaded women in my area. Therefore, I’m reduced to seeking out random gorgeous redheads between 18-25 who look like they can handle a gun, a horse, and a dragon. All at once.

I’m proceeding very carefully with this aspect of my next series. Why? Because, while I know I’m legitimately seeking a model, and my artist knows, as does my graphic designer– and my wife (!), approaching young redheaded women and asking them if they want to model? Well, I think I look like this:

“Hi, I’m a serious artist.”

But what the young lady might hear is, “This is what I drive.”

“Trust me, the van has carpet. For, you know, photography.”

I’ll keep you updated when we find the perfect fit for what is the most interesting character I’ve ever written. She’s tough, funny, and completely free of cynicism even in a world gone to hell. I really love the way she’s turning out.

Now, before I go, have you pre-ordered book four of The Fearless? No? C’mon. You know you want to. Do it for yourself. Do it so I can get a new van help more puppies and kittens.

A Bride of Salt and Stars: Pre-Order Here Today

Cover art, as always, by the amazing Amalia Chitulescu.

Until next time!


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