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2017 Vlog: Now with more Bad Guys and Hooligans!

I haven’t been very active with my vlog and Youtube channel. That changes this year. Thanks to a suggestion from Jess at The Audiobookworm, I’m going to start uploading videos that talk about where I find my villains.

Rather, where I find such terrible villains.

The answer is history. I teach college history, so this seems like a Super Duper Win, and it’s a great excuse to chat about the people and things I’ve seen that either gave me nightmares or inspired me to write books. Sometimes, the two are one in the same. If you have a favorite story from history, let me know! I’m always curious about what’s out there, lurking in the shadows of time.

Who knows—you may give me my next baddie. Or hero. Let’s discuss, shall we?

Cheers for now, Bookfriends.

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New For 2017: Books, Travel, and Mild Exercise.

So many shiny things to look forward to.

I hope your holidays are warm and bright. Mine have been filled with an embarrassment of riches, which will lead me to overeat, undersleep, and caffeinate like I’m going to swim to Mars.

After this period of eating and eating and then napping, I’m entering what I call the “Winter of My Discontent”. This is when I begin various exercise challenges followed by pulled muscles, mild anger, and wheezing.

Oh, there will be wheezing.

There are now word counters on my website, so you can see the progress of each book. At current rates, 2017 looks to be busy. I’ll have three titles, two short stories (more on those later) and two audiobooks. I also have new art, graphics, bookmarks, and other various goodies that I’ll be giving away at author events. I think you’ll love the new look of everything; it was time to freshen the place up, so to speak.

My travel calendar is full, and getting fuller. Or fullerer. Regardless, you know what I mean—I start the year off in beautiful Roanoke, Virginia, on January 28th. It’s a fantastic city, and I’ll be there twice during the year. If you haven’t been—go. They have all the things I love crammed into an old city filed with new life and American charm.

I’ll send out mailings as events are added; I hope to schedule signings in the Carolinas, Midwest, and California. Do you have a suggestion for a signing? Let me know—I love small events in interesting places.

See you this year, Bookfriends. Cheers!

Are you in Kindle Unlimited? I need your help.

Reach out to me at, I have a favor to ask.

It seems that there’s a glitch in the Amazon features and I’d like to run a test— it won’t cost you any money, but it would help me out tremendously. All you have to do is get one of my titles (most are in KU), read a few pages, and tell me how many. That’s it.

Thanks in advance!


My titles: My Amazon Page

Release Day: $25 Gift Card and Jewelry Giveaway.

Today is the big day. Heartborn is here.

Her guardian angel was pushed. Get it here: Heartborn

As a thank you from me to you, enter this rafflecopter to win one of three gifts: a $25 Amazon Gift Card, and E-book of Halfway Dead, or jeweled bangles I had commissioned just for this event. It’s worldwide, and it’s free to enter. Share with a friend or three, buy Heartborn, and join Livvy and Keiron as they find out that love is a lot more than just sacrifice.

Your prize awaits. 

Enter here: 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Her Guardian Angel Was Pushed. YA Fantasy. Soon.

Introducing the cover for Heartborn, available September 1st. Design and art by the amazing Staci Hart. Advance proofs are available for #booktubers, #bookstagrammars, and #bloggers. Ask, and it’s yours.

This one’s going to get you right in the feels. Share with a friend or three!

Annnnnnd– the blurb:

Her guardian angel was pushed.
Keiron was never meant to be anything other than a hero. Born high above in a place of war and deception, he is Heartborn, a being of purity and goodness in a place where violence and deceit are just around every corner.
His disappearance will spark a war he cannot see, for Keiron has pierced the light of days to save a girl he has never met, for reasons he cannot understand. Livvy Foster is seventeen, brave, and broken. With half a heart, she bears the scars of a lifetime of pain and little hope of survival.
Until Keiron arrives.
In the middle of a brewing war and Livvy’s failing heart, Keiron will risk everything for Livvy, because a Heartborn’s life can only end in one way: Sacrifice.

Fall with Livvy and Keiron as they seek the truth about her heart, and his power, and what it means to love someone who will give their very life to save you.

Can’t wait to share it with you!


YA Heroine: Meet Livvy Foster

I’d like to introduce you to Livvy Foster, the heroine from Heartborn, which will arrive on your Kindles and in stores this September.

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be working with Lauren Flatt, who captures the mood, beauty, and strength I wanted to portray.

Meet Lauren.

The cover will be shot by Chattanooga photographer Adrienne McNellis (see her work  here ). She captures the fantasy and wonder that I’m looking for, and we’ll be in the beautiful hills of East Tennessee to boot.

Here’s the first look at Heartborn:

Her guardian angel didn’t fall. He was pushed.
Livvy Foster has survived for seventeen years as the only girl in the world with half a heart. She bears the scars of surgery, and cruelty, and the daily battle for every single breath. But life won’t wait for her new heart, so she decides to try something new. Something different.
When she begins her new job at the library, little does she know that high above, a war will rage among the most powerful beings of the sky. House Windhook is a powerful family who refuse to kneel before the Crescent Council, but the council’s hunger for control means that House Windhook must be bought under control of the seat of power, a city among the clouds known as Sliver.
Saiinov and Vasa are lord and lady of Windhook, and only they understand that the threat of losing their House is tied to the disappearance of their youngest son, Keiron. They decide to fight, taking on the ruling class of Sliver in a contest of magic and skill that will see their abilities pushed to the limits.
As to their son—nothing is too much to give for his cause. He will find Livvy, and House Windhook will see him through his journey, no matter what the cost.
Keiron, the youngest member of Windhook, is determined to pierce the light of days and find Livvy, where only he can save her life. For Keiron is no ordinary angel—he is Heartborn, a rare being of true goodness in a place where war and intrigue are waiting at every sunrise. Along with his talent and will comes the need to reach through time and space itself to save a girl he has never met, for reasons he cannot understand.
In the middle of a brewing war and Livvy’s failing heart, Keiron will give attempt to save her in a way that only he can, for the Heartborn life can only end in one way: Sacrifice.

Fall with Livvy and Keiron as they seek the truth about her heart, and his power, and what it means to love with someone who will give their very life to save you. 
Have you joined our mailing list? I send out freebies, things like that. Terry’s Book News.

That’s it for now. Hope to see you at an event this year, too– check my calendar at  for a signing near you!


When Cookies Attack, And Other News.

I quietly got fat.

I weighed myself and, over the winter,  have gained 22 pounds. So, back on the regimen of eating things like celery and things sort of like celery but shaped differently until my summertime running program lets me feel more like myself. It sucks getting old, and sometimes, it doesn’t. Right now? It does.

Next month, we release the third book in my Halfway Witchy series. Early review copies are available if you’d like in on the fun. I love the direction Carlie’s headed. She gets more interesting with each scene.

The audiobook for Halfway Bitten will be released next month, too! As usual, Erin Spencer is wonderful. She captures all of the voices beautifully, and didn’t flinch when I asked her, “Hey, what do you have for the accent of a French Canadian Clown?” Look for it soon.

I was in beautiful Clear Lake, Iowa for the North Iowa Book Bash this past weekend. It was, in a word, amazing. Wonderful people, great books, and a cool town. The journey there was. . . challenging. Here’s the breakdown:

5:00 AM: Leave in my car. Wheeeeee!

7:00 AM: Gurgle splutter click silence. My car dies 120 miles from home.

9:00 AM: Tow truck driver picks me up. We head home. I am displeased.

11:30 AM: On the road (again) in my bride’s vehicle. 

12:17 AM  Pull into hotel in Clear Lake, Iowa, 755 miles away. I’m a bit loopy. Hell, I’m more than loopy. I’m twitching from too much caffeine. I am close to Minnesota. There are gates across the highway that can be closed in case of a blizzard. The soil is the color of midnight. It’s cold, and the hotel staff is wonderful. I load up books, fall into bed. It’s been. . .challenging.

6:00 AM: I’m up. It’s book time. And oh, is it ever worth it. Fantastic people, a couple great meals, and back on the road a day later to arrive home, shopworn but satisfied. I’ll be going back.
In a car that works, hopefully.

I hope your Spring is sprung. I’ll share art for the new book as soon as we have it– the colors are amazing and I can’t wait to hear your feedback.

Don’t forget– message me on Facebook or Twitter is you’d like a review copy.


No Fooling: Julia Whelan, YA, and Big News

With apologies to my wife, who I disturbed with my revelation as she attempted to eat cheese and crackers in peace. 

I’m writing a new book and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever done. The feeling I have while writing this book is surreal– I had to dredge deep to find a similar sensation, and the closest experience has been on an occasion where I was playing basketball and felt like I couldn’t miss. Let me clarify, here– I was a remarkably average basketball player, but I was enthusiastic. However, on one night in 1985, I was unstoppable.


Just like right now. 

Falling to Her is already beautiful. It’s about a young woman named Livvy who is different from every other person who have ever lived. You see, she was born with half a heart, but she’s survived to the age of seventeen– and help is on the way, but not from anyplace you might expect. If you have to classify this book, it would be YA Paranormal, but that’s up to you. It will be available on September 1st, and I can also confirm something really exciting:

Audible narrator of the year Julia Whelan will be performing the audio version. You may recognize her name from Gone Girl. Needless to say, I’m over the moon. Take a listen to some of her work here:Julia Whelan, Narrator of the Year

Julia of the Golden Voice

Then, there’s Livvy.  Let’s meet her.

It’s an exciting year; filled with great news. Hope you’re excited. That’s all for now, I’m off to write.


Halfway Bitten: Release Day!

It’s here. Halfway Bitten is available for Kindle, and priced at .99 for the new release. It’s the best novel I’ve written and I think you’ll love Carlie, and Wulfric, and Gran– and all of it.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect:

The circus came to Halfway, and they brought the weird.
When clowns, vampires, and corpses start piling up in town, Carlie has to break away from her boyfriend, Wulfric, to bring her witchy skills to the table- or grill, as the case may be.
When the body of a young woman washes up in the lake, it unleashes a spiral of mystery that will bring Carlie, Gran, and Wulfric into a storm of magical warfare. Spells will fly. Curses will rain. Amidst it all, Carlie will make waffles, protect her town, and find out if a man from the distant past can join her in happy ever after.
With love and honor at stake, Carlie has no peer.
Click here for your copy, or to give to any fan of the paranormal, fantasy, or thrillers:
Be sure to tell me your thoughts about Carlie and her world; I love hearing from readers.

Cheers for now, and happy reading!