Building the Perfect (English) Rose

Sometimes, research can be rather lovely.

I type that in the most reserved terms possible, but only in honor of the proverbial stiff upper lip of the British. I realized that my next character was going to be:

1) British
2) Female
3) Really British
4) Beautiful in a refined way.

With apologies to the rest of the planet/galaxy/universe (in honor of James Joyce, who isn’t British, but was in the vicinity), I stayed close to home, so to speak, and looked at women who were already considered to be the prototypical Rosa Brittania. The results were decidedly elegant and more than a bit surprising. As it turns out, these women were often dark of eye and hair, yet retained some of the qualities that are traditionally associated with British women, such as the tendency to burst into flame under direct sunlight.
For your consideration , here are a few of my finds:

The lovely Jessica Raine. She’ll do.
Did I mention the character is, naturally, partially evil, morally conflicted, immortal, and possesses a high libido? I write the words, so I make the rules. Leave Freud out of this one.
Moving on. How about Kelly Brook, a woman of whom I was unaware. How that happened, I attribute to my diligence at writing and general ignorance about celebrity across the pond.

Which brings me to my last, logical choice. Lady Mary Crawley. Never has prim looked so hot. With that in mind, I find myself cheerfully writing about a reformed blood-drinking murderess and imagining– with every phrase– that she speaks with such precision, it would be impossible to brand her cretinous. Except for the whole eating people over twenty centuries thing. 

  So, that’s the state of affairs this early Sunday morning, as I settle in to write a bit more, edit a bit more, and dream a bit more of finding out that manners– like the immortals– are here for the long haul.

Cheers, Friends!

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