The New Series, Book Four, Book Five, and Advance Copies for Review: Much News.

Updates, updates, and an update about updates.

Issue one: Book four of The Fearless is in final editing. The cover is stunning, we’re organizing beta readers and promotions, and it’s the best book in the series. The characters get better with each outing, and I think you’re going to love the newest additions to our little club. Two words: Stripper Assassin.

Issue two: The second series has a (top secret) name, preliminary cover art concepts, and more. It is my feeling– not scientific, but a hunch– that we’re looking at January for the new series. More on that as it develops. It’s entirely possible it could be sooner.

Issue three: The Fearless, book five. Yep, it’s already underway. I mapped out the book in one afternoon ( while eating some excellent sushi and perusing old travel pics). I’ve got good guys, bad guys, a title, and a twist. I already love the villain(s). There are two!

Issue four: Advance Review Copies of Book Four. Who wants ’em? If you’re interested in being a street team/reviewer, let me know. We’re moving very quickly, and hope to assemble an entire list of ARC gifts to be sent in less than a week.



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