The Messenger: A Space Opera Mecha Series

Space Opera mecha the messenger
#1- The Messenger

Dash never asked to be a mech pilot, but fate has other plans.

On the run and out of chances, he guides his ship and crew into the heart of a relic older than the galaxy itself—and find himself on the edge of an eternal war he never knew existed.

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Space Opera mechs
#2- The Messenger: The Dark Between

The Messenger must prepare for war.

With the Archetype damaged, Dash and his crew will need more than a quick fix to prepare for what’s coming.

A secret facility known only as the Forge lies in cold sleep, built by the Unseen for the greatest war in history. Dash has no idea what awaits him there, but he hopes to find some kind of advantage in the war that is to come.

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Space Opera Mechs star forged
#3- The Messenger: Star Forged

The Forge is coming back online, weapons hot and searching known space for signs of the Golden.

When Dash and Leira repair a powerful scanner, it finds something unusual in a distant system—the remains of an ancient battlefield. Custodian tells of a fight lost long ago, leaving drifting debris around the faraway star.

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space opera mecha
#4- The Messenger: The Silent Fleet

As Dash and his team begin expanding the Forge, they must focus on Dark Metal as the one thing that can give them an advantage in the coming war.

Using drones and a map from an ancient library, Dash and Leira must seek out the source of a transmission coming from far away.

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space opera mechs dawn of empire
#5- The Messenger: Dawn of Empire

The Messeneger and his people continue their long fight against the Golden, but the war has just begun.

When they discover reports of a missing colony ship, their search will uncover a crime so terrible that the battle lines will be drawn in blood.

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space opera mecha worlds apart
#6- The Messenger: Worlds Apart

Deep below the waters of a world covered in ice, the key to Dark Metal awaits.

Along with it, a new threat that brings the war ever closer.

In order to stop it, the Messenger and his team must confront a familiar enemy in a new place, but now the stakes are higher, and the battle’s results will echo across the galaxy for ages to come.

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space opera mechs
#7- The Messenger: Rage of Night

The Verity are attacking, and no one is safe.

Now at home in the Aquarian system, Dash and his team receive news from a dying ship. With thirty systems under their inhuman control, the newest enemy to free life in the galaxy seeks to engage and destroy the Messenger by any means necessary.

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space opera mechs
#8- The Messenger: Heaven's Door

Dash and the Realm are done playing defense. Now, they’ll take the war to the Golden.

With new, more lethal weapons being added at every turn, the Forge goes into motion, advancing across the galactic arm in furious combat, leaving wreckage in the wake.

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space opera mech
#9- The Messenger: Radical Dreamer

The galaxy itself is under siege, and only the Messenger can save it.

The Verity are in collapse. Clan Shirna is gone. And all along, the ships of the Cygnus Realm have been pushing back until only the Golden are left.

Or so Dash thought.

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