Succubus News: With More Sexy.

Delphine is a character who quite frankly got away from me.

She began as a 2400 year old succubus who was supposed to be a bombshell with all of the smoldering heart of 1930s gangster moll. 

Boy, was I wrong. Delphine grew into something far more interesting. She’s kind, tough, loyal, and complex– and her merest touch makes the tough guys swoon, but underneath all of that is a fierce intellect with a heart of spun gold. She makes her fifth appearance in the next Fearless installment, but I have some news that will no doubt make her rather. . . .frisky.

She’s getting her own series.

I’ve started her first story, and anticipate our first story from her perspective early in 2016.

Remember her saying: 


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