Carlie she fights to save the one person she can't lose:

Something is wrong with Carlie.

A magical storm. An ancient shipwreck. A hidden evil.

All three are tied together as Carlie must defend Wulfric against his past, which emerges after a raging storm tears across Halfway Lake.
When government agents descend on Halfway to investigate the mysterious shipwreck, Carlie discovers that all is not as it seems.

A thousand years old, the Viking ship holds bones. And secrets.
Not everyone went down with the ship. There were survivors, but they might be less than human. They cross paths with Carlie in a showdown that will bring her own secrets to light, for saving Wulfric came with a cost. Now, it’s time for her to pay.

Dive in with Carlie as she fights to save the one person she can’t lose.

  • A perfect cocktail blend of fun for fans of Practical Magic and True Blood.


    Goodreads Reviewer
  • A witchy must read!!!

    Twinsie Kelly

    Amazon Reviewer
  • From the front cover to the last word, Maggert can do no wrong!


    Amazon Reviewer
  • This series is light, fun, and full of good old fashioned heart and a little bit of witchy wisdom. And waffles. Don’t forget the waffles.


    Goodreads Reviewer

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