On Naming A French Canadian Villain

Conversation This Week With Friend From Canada:

“Hey, can you translate something for me?”

“Sure, What?”

“I’m naming a villain, want to know if there is a local term for a word.”

“What word?”

“The bad guy is named Shiver.”

“That’s kinda stupid, but the translation is frisson.”

“I already knew that.”

“Then why did you ask? And how do you know? Do you speak French?”

“No, but I know that word. I thought there would be a, I don’t know, different dialect or something.”

“Do you seriously think we just sit around and create words to explain the cold weather? Is that it?” (Testily)

“Sort of.”

“Like we’re all just snowbound, running around speaking made-up French words?” (Testier)

“Hey, you’re the one who told me you have a maple syrup reserve.”

“. . . . “

“Well? Are you there?”

“Yeah. I guess I did mention that. Touche’.”

“Don’t touch me, meanie. See? I do know French.”

“Whatever. Bye.”

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