Let’s Talk About Free Audiobooks.

Do you like books about:

Paranormal? Urban Fantasy? Succubi and Demons? Okay, let’s talk. I have a few freebies to give away

Do you like Audiobooks? 

If you answered yes to both questions, let’s talk. I have a few freebies to give away. I ran a promotion with a service where listeners were given copies of my books in audio form, and unfortunately, it didn’t work out.

So, let me know if you enjoy listening and reviewing (to the genres I write within), and I’d love to share several wonderful hours of free entertainment with you.

Next questions: Do you like dragons? The end of the world? Post-Apocalyptic scenarios? You’re in luck as well. The audiobook for Banshee will be available late this week. I have copies available for review.

Click the links to take a snoop, and email me at terrymaggertbooks@gmail.com to receive your copy.

I’ll be signing and on panels at LibertyCon in beautiful Chattanooga, Tennessee this weekend. Stop by if you’re around, there will be many excellent authors there.

Terry’s Audible Titles For Your Perusal!


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