A Bride of Salt and Stars

Title: A Bride of Salt and Stars
Series: The Fearless #4
Published by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Release Date: August 26, 2014
Pages: 222

From a secret tomb beneath the ashes of a Mexican volcano, something has broken free. Something luminous.Something Beautiful... and deadly. From the deepest part of our human legends, she is known simply as The Bride, and she’s visiting Florida for dinner, but her arrival has not gone unseen. The Fearless will make certain her reception is memorable.

In a place where creatures like The Bride hunt each night, The Fearless will go to any lengths defending humanity. But only after dark. That’s when the hunting is best. In this battle, new warriors emerge against this timeless evil as Ring, Wally and Risa rejoin their stalwart friends to turn demons into dust --and justice into reality.

They’re joined by Aurelia, the Romanian stripper who fights better than she dances and has a very unusual history. Aurelia brings a legendary weapon to bear against The Bride-- but first, she’ll have to guide Ring through a maze of warlocks, a clever deity, and the ongoing reclamation of the succubus Delphine’s soul. Along the way, The Fearless will feed the dog, collect the rent, and act like every day in the sun might be their last.

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