Baby Squirrel Rescue!

Baby Squirrel Rescue!

Today, we had an overload of cuteness courtesy of a baby squirrel.

I found him in the front yard, confused and weak. I snatched him up from a feral cat, who was approaching him with bad intentions, took him inside, and began the process of Baby Squirrel Rescue.

Here are the highlights of the day:

  1. Baby squirrels like cashews.
  2. They can drink pedialyte and water as a mixture.
  3. They SNORE, and it’s insanely adorable. I know this because Noah (my son named him) fell asleep in my hand when his tummy was full, and he snored. It’s the best thing ever.

After he was strong enough, and stabilized, I put him under his tree and stood watch. Unfortunately, it became clear he was an orphan, but we had a wonderful solution. After a series of calls, I drove Noah to Walden’s Puddle, a wildlife sanctuary about an hour away.

It’s like heaven on earth. I met owls, squirrels, turkeys, possums, birds, snakes, and a pair of sassy turtles. Here’s the site– I’ll be supporting them from now on.

Here’s an action shot of Noah enjoying his second cashew, which led to a nap.

He’s safe, happy, and on the road to recovery. It’s been an excellent Saturday, and Happy St. Patty’s Day to all my friends.

Some other news: We had a photo shoot for the new book, and it was AMAZING. Jade and Quinton were the perfect people, and Dottie Rainwater captured their essence perfectly. I can’t wait to show you the results. A Touch of Frost will be available on April 7th. and I hope you love the characters as much as I do.

Meet Jade (Sammie) and Quinton (Gideon).

Coming soon– trading cards, postcards, and posters. It’s going to be a fantastic release week!



18 thoughts on “Baby Squirrel Rescue!

  1. Hello Terry,

    I love your books, your sense of humor but most of all, I love that you saved Noah and found the perfect place to ensure he would continue to thrive. You are a hero.

  2. our family had 2 fall out of a tree in the front yard. 1 was too frail to make it but the other drank evaporated milk and raw peanuts,( to prevent her from getting too much salt). Lil mama lived for 4 years and had 7 litters of kids. As soon as she started getting ” bouncy” we knew that it was time to put her back out side. she did well.

  3. Kudos on your rescue of baby Noah the Squirrel!!! It warmed my heart to read about your escapade. 😍❤️😘

  4. Baby squirrels are the cutest, My husband brought one home that he found in a dead tree all the rest hadn’t survived. The baby didn’t even have fur yet but I raised her to an adult. When she got to bouncy (I love that) we let her go in the state park. I still miss “Nutsy” So glad u saved Noah.

  5. I love squirrels, thank you for rescuing the baby squirrel! I would love to be to do that too, but having two cats it isn’t really feasible.

    1. I snatched him up just as a feral (but very nice) cat was sniffing at him. He’s off to the wildlife preserve now, free of cats!

  6. That is so amazing, I am so glad, pretty baby, you are very special, Noah will as always remember,that’s why your books are number 1 they come from the heart

  7. Good job with rescue! I think I am new to your writing, can’t wait to dive in.
    I have a non releasable male who is 3 years old. I look forward to following you.


  8. Thank you for rescuing ~

    Because of Twitter, I’ve read 6 of your books in the last couple of weeks. Heart Born, Moon Born, and the Halfway books. Very enjoyable, I’ll be looking for more 🙂

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