Birthday Month Goals: 5 Great Things

Birthday Month Goals: 5 Great Things

It’s my birth month, people, and while you’re in a tizzy searching for gifts and accolades, I urge you to take a moment and read this.

Yes, it’s my birthday month, but I regard it as a time to give, too. Without further ado, here’s the list of what I will do over the next thirty days:

  1. 3 acts of kindness that require time and work.
  2. 3 gifts given to friends.
  3. 3000 pushups. Not all at once, that would be crazy.
  4. 3 cakes eaten.
  5. 30,000 words written.

That’s it. Simple and sweet. I’ll report back along the way. One detail: I’m going to try for 490 pushups on my birthday (The 6th), ten for each year of my lucky life.



2 thoughts on “Birthday Month Goals: 5 Great Things

  1. These are some great goals! I love to give back to the community and I’m glad to see you doing this to celebrate your birthday month. That really shows what kind of person you are (which is awesome!). Happy early birthday, and enjoy your cake!


    PS. It was great meeting you at Habitat the other day! I hope your book reading went well in KY on Saturday!

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