Ten Year Anniversary.

Ten Year Anniversary.

This week is our ten year wedding anniversary, and no one is as surprised as me. In a life filled with wild variations, mistakes, moves, loss, and questions, Missy has been a guiding star. We met fifteen years ago on a now-defunct Yahoo personal ad. Clearly, she swooned from my proper use of grammar.

And here we are. Ten years. My father told me, some years ago, that marriage got better with each passing year. I believe that. The people we are in year ten are a far cry from the people who married, and yet our complementary status only seems to grow. I’ve noticed a few things, too– liking someone is different from loving them, and it’s a critical part of building a life together.

It’s more than a house. It’s the feeling, and the kid (five feet tall and growing), the pets, the shared things. Details and fractions of details and the addition of things you never knew, all woven together into whatever it is you do every day without seeming to notice.

This is Missy in her element. There are so many parts to this picture that represent her essence.

Notice: Comfy socks. Diet Coke. Laptop, as she grades a line of interminable essays, ever the English professor. Her work ethic is unmatched, and yet, there she is smiling amidst *cough* a, ahh, representation of our pets. Cats love her, dogs adore her, and they all crowd around her much like the rest of the world, a guiding star and calming presence in a world of ceaseless uncertainty.

That’s one of her tricks. She removes uncertainty when it shows up, and the house- and our lives– go on at a wonderful, sedate velocity, filled with warmth and humor.

Ten years with my bride. Thanks, babe. All the love.

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  1. It’s wonderful to feel this way at 10 years… I made it to 30 and still going strong! And the friendship is absolutely correct. I not only love my hubby, but I really like him too. He’s a friend I can always trust and count on. So you’re on the right path! And endorsement by the pets is a good sign that it’s true! Congratulations! Happy Anniversary and for many more to come!

  2. Happy Anniversary! These days ten years is a milestone. Marriage has been one of my greatest adventures. Hope you have many more happy anniversaries!

  3. Happy Anniversary πŸ™‚ marriage is such a special gift, and if you get the chance to spend your life with the one person you love above all else you hold on for the ride.

  4. Happy anniversary, and congratulations. What a great collection of four-footed friends. What breed is the behemoth?

  5. Terry, that’s beautiful! Congratulations to you both! You are both blessed to have found one another. I could go on, and on, because I’m a romantic, but I’m going to just say this: the picture is epic for all the reasons you listed, and the fact that you took it, and her expression! Epic, I say! Here’s to a lifetime for y’all!😁

  6. Many congrats on reaching 10 years to you and your gorgeous wife Terry πŸ˜ƒ That picture of her is smile worthy on multiple levels.
    P.S. Is that a hellhound or a Shetland pony laying on the floor? Lol πŸ˜›

  7. Congratulations to you both. If you are anything like my husband and I you will continue to grow in love every passing year until you feel completely lost without them. May you continue to be a positive force in each others lives and don’t ever forget that words are important. Enjoy!!

  8. Hi Happy anniversary Here is to many many more!

    Best to both of you and your beautiful furbrood! and the 5’er that is still growing!

    hugs for both and thank you for sharing with us

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