Join my Pie/Cake/Running Challenge!

Join my Pie/Cake/Running Challenge!

I love pie and cake and waffles and running, so this seems like a win/win/win/win to me. A bit of background- I got fat over the winter (gained 24 pounds), but I run in the summer, so it’s going to come off. Here’s where things get dicey.

I’m not giving up pie and cake and such. I may limit myself to reasonable portions, but I’m not going to give up the joys of life. I have some specific goals in mind, so let’s get down to some specific numbers.

  1. Current weight is 249. Tragically, my height remains steady (for now) at 6’1″.
  2. I’m going to eat an average of one piece of cake or pie per day. Waffles count as two pieces, because I rarely eat them without syrup.
  3. My running routes are fantastic, but for this specific mission, I’ll run at a nearby park. Here are the specs–

As you can see, it’s a nice, small lap. I had a strange hip injury, took six months off running, and then got a vicious summer cold.

In short, I’m weak.

So, two days ago I started in earnest. I was able to run two laps and walk two, along with eighty pushups. Oh– about the pushups– I’m going to do twenty pushups or burpees for every lap around the track. Today, I ran 2.75 laps and walked 2. I did 100 pushups. The goal here is quite simple. It isn’t so much a weight issue as it is changing my body to be more muscular and less. . . middle aged. I want to run with my shirt off in full Dad Bod mode later this year, but not necessarily with the Dad Bod. Does that make sense?

There’s something about this park that enables good, hard runs.

I think that within three weeks of good work, I’ll be able to see and feel some results. I love running in the heat, and this park has an added bonus– there are MASSES of blackberry bushes around the park. If I run around the exterior of the park, it’s 1.2 miles. By summer’s end, I’ll be running around the park rather than in it. I’ll also have eaten myself silly on all those glorious blackberries.

Now, on to cake.

It turns out, I’m a princess.

It’s true. My bride baked me a prinsesstårta (Swedish Princess Cake) and I LOST MY MIND. It. Is. Magnificent.

There are layers of custard and home made raspberry jam and cream and OH LORD is it good. The outer layer is hand made marzipan and I’m not kidding when I say I’ll run in the sun ’til I drop simply to eat a slice.

You see? Totally worth it.

So, I’m keeping a journal of my running and such, to see just what happens over the summer. Send me a message if you’re running, too. I’m always up for challenges and buddies to join the grind, so to speak.

Now, if you’ll excuse me. The Princess needs cake.*


*Me, in case you doubted.



8 thoughts on “Join my Pie/Cake/Running Challenge!

  1. I don’t run but I do a lot of walking so I can enjoy the foods I want to eat too
    I have a small stepper at work I make myself use for at least 10 mins every hour while I’m there
    When it’s nice I take my 30 min break and walk outside otherwise I have to walk the circle inside which I hate but I do it to stay in shape every year it gets harder to stay in shape
    Good luck with your running

  2. I must amit I can now run two laps of our oval, which I thought was pretty awesome for me 😂😀
    Yes I can walk loads of laps and yes the girls lap me many a time over with huge smiles! 😜😂
    But we get there and return every other day to do it again. 😀 Somehow it has become enjoyable 😀

  3. This cake was given to me for my birthday years ago and was called a princess cake. I had a slice, but the office ate the rest! Delicious.

    Have fun with your workouts and hope you think about a new book to write and include good food.

    Your park looks great! a joy to run in.

  4. Holy Cow! How can any decent person put a picture of the cake without a recipe! Oh you cruel princess You!!!!!!

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