2016: Goals

I sent Halfway Bitten off to beta readers, then it’s off to my fine editor Jennifer Clark Sells. 

What’s next?

Well, I’m going to read a little. I’m going to eat some pie. I’m going to drink some coffee, and finalize my author events for next year.

And then *cracks knuckles*, I’m going to write. I have three novels planned for next year. They will be as follows:

Book Five of The Fearless, in which a vicious killer from antiquity comes to Florida looking for his ancient weapon. One problem: the people who have it don’t want to give it back, unless it’s stuck in his belly.

Book Two of Banshee, in which we learn that not all cults are good, and not all dragons are awake. . .yet.

Book three is a passion project, in which the illustrious Delphine (I only kill for the kisses!) gets her own novel. She’s just too good to pass up, and this installment of her history will begin in 19th century Paris, when men and women shared secrets and beds– often with disastrous results.

We’ll also have three more audiobooks for your listening pleasure!

I’ll have cover art news in December, and a short story for the holidays about a dragon who wakes up to find that California is quite different from before his nap.

Chat soon!


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