Your Favorite Book: Go!

I frequently ask people, “What’s you favorite book?”

The answers are often surprising. I’ve learned about authors and books that are utterly new to me; in that sense, it’s one of the best questions you can ask someone.

So without further ado– what’s your favorite book, and why?


3 thoughts on “Your Favorite Book: Go!

  1. Too many to list, really, but I'll pop out Moby Dick, Heart of Darkness, and top it with Brave New World. The last in that list is simply due to the amazing world that Huxley creates in his tale. Brilliant novel and far, far too accurate in its prediction of the world.

  2. 'Mortal Love', by Elizabeth Hand. The only book that I finished, then started back at page one and read straight through again. It is not to everyone's taste but it hit all my right buttons…mystery, the arts and artists, mythical worlds and places that I yearn to visit in this world, a spooky mansion, madness, a deep sensuality, gritty but beautiful descriptions that make one see, feel, smell and non typical ending. I love this book dearly and ( I swear) read it several times a year.

  3. I can't name just one book as my favorite, but I can narrow it down a bit:

    Childhood favorites: The Little House on the Prairie series. I reread those books until they were in tatters.

    Teenager years and up: Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series.

    Adult: Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series and any Guy Gavriel Kay book.

    These are all books that I continue to re-read (and have had to replace randomly as they get too worn out to hold together).

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