Street Team: Wanna Help?

Call for help and input: so, there is a thing called a “Street Team” that authors now have. In essence, it’s a little army of politely aggressive people who spread the word about what I write, and I create a FB page specifically for them. On that page, I post extra freebies, swag coupons, etc. If this sounds like something you might like to participate in, please let me know, and we will begin our relentless conquest of the planet.

New Author Event: Cincinnati

Signing Event: Cincinnati!

At the aquarium, no less. Promises to be a great venue. Who doesn’t like seahorses and turtles and various ,pelagic species of fish, all whirling about while you sign books? My third title will be brand spanking new!

Check it out!


Audiobook News: I Hit The Jackpot

When I found Rebecca Cook, that is.

She just posted several more chapters from her performance in “Mask of the Swan”, and let me say, I’m stunned. There is a particular scene that visits the deep past where Delphine and Elizabeth absolutely come to life under the care of Rebecca’s interpretive vision, and I couldn’t be happier. The malignancy of Elizabeth, the fading innocence of Delphine, and a window into the violent world 2300 years ago is a perfect accompaniment to my written word.

More updates as they arrive, we hope to have the second audiobook available within a month. It will be worth the wait.


Works In Progress

5. I think.

Book four in The Fearless is well on the way. Book five, too, because the idea percolated so quickly that I began writing simply to save the entire premise.

The new fantasy series (dragons, war, and an enemy from the bottom of the sea) is practically writing itself. It’s no secret that I’ve been fascinated with dragons for most of my life, so this seems to be a natural direction for me.

I’m also dabbling with the idea of a ghost story of sorts, set in the the Adirondacks. I love the mystery of dusty attics— you never know what (or who) you’ll find living there.

Maturation. The Curse of Creativity.

I’ll just put it out there that maturation can be the death knell of creativity.

Look at your favorite artists. Music? Art? Writing? As they age, do they get better? As they age, do they get complacent? Formulaic?

When they stop being pissed, can they still produce work that is visceral, moving, and of the utmost quality?

I can only surmise that being happy is anathema to creativity– for some people. I was happy when I started writing, but the themes I include– anger, betrayal, loneliness, victimization– those will never become less irksome to me, personally. For that reason, I don’t think I will ever lose the ability to work myself into a lather writing a scene where some son of a bitch gets what’s coming to them.

Audiobook News, Smashwords, and more.

Bigger, Better, More Places.

The Forest Bull and Mask of the Swan are now available on Smashwords, and can be found at all major outlets now. A link for your convenience:

And, in other cool news, the second audiobook is chugging merrily along. Until it becomes available, refresh your memory with the first performance!

Check in soon for updates. This promises to be a busy Spring, as book three will be available soon as well!



Character Craft: The A-hole

Fun. Easy.

Really, the most difficult part of writing a heel isn’t determining if he/she should be nuanced, cartoonish, or a completely vile being. For me it was as simple as selecting the name.

I began by saying certain names out loud, and then trying to recall if I know anyone with that name who really, truly meets the lowest possible requirements for being called an asshole. Since I generally like people, that’s a pretty tough standard to crack, but within a few moments, I had a list of four potentials, and one of them happened to be the name of a friend’s ex-husband who is, by any measure, a complete and total asshole. A douchebag. Unrepentant, unwavering, and constant in his complete lack of qualities. If someone was, at some point in the past, an asshole, but they’ve come around as a human ( I myself come to mind here), then I’ll cut that name some slack and retire it from the pantheon of potential characters.

But now that I’ve settled on this particular name, the glee and gusto with which I write each and every arrogant, deceitful, sneering line of dialogue that falls out of his mouth is not only simple, it makes me snicker with joy as I ratchet his appalling behavior lower with each repugnant utterance.

I’ll introduce him next week or so, after he’s been around a bit. I wouldn’t want him to think he’s being rewarded.