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Her guardian angel was pushed.

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  • Baby Squirrel Rescue! March 18, 2018
    Today, we had an overload of cuteness courtesy of a baby squirrel. I found him in the front yard, confused and weak. I snatched him up from a feral cat, who was approaching him with bad intentions, took him inside, and began the process of Baby Squirrel Rescue. Here are the highlights of the day: […]
  • 2018: Travelin’ Man! February 16, 2018
    MY BODY IS READY. And so is my luggage.* *Cat not included. I’m going to be all over the place this year, signing books and eating. Okay, mostly eating, but also signing books. Here’s a look at my schedule. If you have a book event near you that you think I should attend, let me […]
  • 2018: My First Great Mistake January 14, 2018
    I made a large bowl of rather excellent pasta, if I may say so. Allow me to walk your through the process, which was chaotic but ultimately packed with flavor and excitement. Let’s begin by discussing the ingredients. For what I’m calling “Chicken Hilarity”, you will need: Chicken breast, sauteed in olive oil, salt, and […]