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Her guardian angel was pushed.

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  • How to take a nap. With cats. April 25, 2017
    As a nap expert and college professor I feel like this is a real strong point for me, so allow me to share some fine tuned techniques I’ve curated over the years. I hate the word curated but since this is a tutorial, there’s a lot of pressure on me to make this feel exclusionary […]
  • When books make you cry. April 22, 2017
    It can take seconds, but books have an emotional impact well beyond their weight. I get up, walk from the living room, see a hardback version of a favorite book— I’ve left it out from sorting my shelf.  It’s filled with poems about a war (doesn’t matter which one, the truths are all the same, […]
  • I like big dogs. I cannot lie. April 19, 2017
    Actually, big dogs isn’t quite accurate. I like huge dogs, as well as medium, large, small, and smedium dogs. Case in point: Our basset hound (Jack Reacher) is actually a big dog– he weighs seventy pounds. But he has a low clearance, so we think of him as small, or small-ish. There’s a particular method […]