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Her guardian angel was pushed.

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  • Virginia. So Much More Than Ham. January 20, 2017
    I’ll be in one of my favorite cities next week, Roanoke, Virginia. I’m speaking at the Roanoke Regional Writer’s Conference. It’s on the beautiful campus of Hollins University. I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating: Virginia is incredible. It’s just so American, and Roanoke is a shining example of a great town. If you haven’t […]
  • I made Taylor Swift cry. January 17, 2017
    In a good way, and in a dream. I’ll explain. Last night I dreamed she read one of my books (Heartborn), posted a video of herself crying about how it made her feel, and several things happened: The book became a sensation. It was made into a show on the CW, and everyone in the […]
  • Christmas, Fried Chicken, and Michigan. January 17, 2017
    I’ve added an event in the heretofore unknown to me town of Frankenmuth, Michigan, which appears to be the geographical equivalent of my spirit animal. This magical little town is known for (but not limited to): Christmas Buttered noodles Pretzels The “Best Fried Chicken Dinner in the World”. Okay, let’s stop there for a moment […]